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2 measuring connections G1/4″  2 measuring connections G3/8″  2 ports for Cartridge valve SAE  3-chamber valve  4 LEDs for diagnostics  4 plug-in connectors, for the connection with solenoid valves  4/2-way valve or 4/3-way valve  4/3-way valve  4/3-way valve (without pilot valve)  5-chamber valve  adapter with USB port for chopper amplifier HK EMI  as high speed/creep speed unit in combination with type HK QV 06 flow control valve  as snapper or push button  atmospherically relieved  ball locking  ball valve in A+B  Cast iron design with precision valve spindle and ball seal, suitable for control panel mounting  cone locking  cone seat  direct flange mounting  direct flange mounting on cylinder  direct operated  doppelt sperrend  double-acting  Economy variant  einfach sperrend  electrical protection against reverse polarity  electronic controller for proportional valves without transducer  Flow divider and combiner 50 colon 50  for AC coils  for applications in closed control loop  for applications in open control loop  for DC coils  for DIN-rail 35 x 7.5  for mounting in flow direction  for mounting in reverse direction  functions in channel A or B  German plug DT04-2P  HK QV 06 - directly controlled  modular plate  mono-bloc valve for pipeline installation  mounted in flow direction  mounted in reverse direction  O-ring gasket  optional sealing of a Cartridge bore with blank plug (*)  pilot controlled  pilot operated  pilot-controlled - double-acting  pilot-controlled - single-acting  pilot-controlled, without relief  plug-in non-return valve  pressure-compensated  pressure-relieved valve spindle for easy adjustment  proportional plate mounting valve  proportional sandwich body valve  right-angled  RJ45 connector for RS232 serial communication with PC software  Rubber cap with push button.  SAE flange connector (e. g. for direct fitting to pumps)  sandwich body valve  Sandwich plate ISO/Cetop 03 size 6  Sandwich plate ISO/Cetop 05 size 10  seat version - leak-free  single-acting  steel seat  steel version with precision valve spindle  straight  suitable for control panel installation  Type A - mid-position open  Type C - mid-position closed  Type R with low internal leakage  Valve piston on version V  with additional secondary pressure relief valve  with bypass non-return valve  with damping piston  with magnetic relief valve 24 V; relief with magnet at zero current  with manual override function  with non-return valve for free return (pre-loading 0.7 bar)  without manual override  without phase compensation 


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243 Variants