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Piston guide E-GTP1

guide ring 
Sliding speed max.
1 m/s
Surface pressure
50 N/mm² 
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EGTP1250560250A EGTP1250630250A EGTP1250560300A EGTP1250630300A EGTP1250970300A EGTP1250630320A EGTP1250970320A EGTP1250560350A EGTP1250970350A EGTP1251500350A EGTP1250560400A EGTP1250630400A EGTP1250970400A EGTP1251500400A EGTP1250560450A EGTP1250630450A EGTP1250970450A EGTP1251500450A EGTP1250560500A EGTP1250970500A EGTP1251500500A EGTP1252000450A EGTP1252000500A EGTP1252500500A EGTP1250560550A EGTP1250970550A EGTP1251500550A EGTP1252000550A EGTP1250560600A EGTP1250970600A EGTP1251500600A EGTP1252000600A EGTP1250560630A EGTP1250970630A EGTP1251500630A EGTP1252000630A EGTP1250560650A EGTP1250970650A EGTP1251500650A EGTP1252000650A EGTP1250560700A EGTP1250970700A EGTP1251500700A EGTP1252000700A EGTP1250560750A EGTP1250970750A EGTP1251500750A EGTP1252000750A EGTP1252500750A EGTP1250560800A EGTP1250630800A EGTP1250970800A EGTP1251500800A EGTP1252000800A EGTP1252500800A EGTP1250560850A EGTP1250970850A EGTP1251500850A EGTP1252000850A EGTP1252500850A EGTP1250560900A EGTP1250970900A EGTP1251500900A EGTP1252000900A EGTP1252500900A EGTP1250970950A EGTP1251500950A EGTP1252000950A EGTP1252500950A EGTP1250561000A EGTP1250971000A EGTP1251501000A EGTP1252001000A EGTP1252501000A EGTP1250971050A EGTP1251501050A EGTP1252001050A EGTP1252501050A EGTP1250971100A EGTP1251501100A EGTP1252001100A EGTP1252501100A EGTP1250971150A EGTP1251501150A EGTP1252001150A EGTP1252501150A EGTP1250971200A EGTP1251501200A EGTP1252501200A EGTP1250971250A EGTP1251501250A EGTP1252001250A EGTP1252501250A EGTP1250971300A EGTP1251501300A EGTP1252001300A EGTP1252501300A EGTP1250971350A EGTP1251501350A EGTP1250971400A EGTP1251501400A EGTP1252001400A EGTP1252501400A EGTP1251501450A EGTP1252001450A EGTP1252501450A EGTP1250971500A EGTP1251501500A EGTP1252001500A EGTP1252501500A EGTP1250971600A EGTP1251501600A EGTP1252001600A EGTP1252501600A EGTP1252501650A EGTP1250971700A EGTP1251501700A EGTP1252501700A EGTP1250971800A EGTP1251501800A EGTP1252501800A EGTP1251501850A EGTP1250971900A EGTP1250972000A EGTP1251502000A EGTP1252002000A EGTP1252502000A EGTP1252502050A EGTP1251502200A EGTP1252502250A EGTP1252502300A EGTP1252502400A EGTP1251502450A EGTP1251502500A EGTP1252502500A EGTP1252503000A EGTP1252503600A
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  • guide ring 
Sliding speed max.
  • 1 m/s
Surface pressure
  • 50 N/mm² 
Temp. max.
  • 130 °C
Temp. min.
  • -40 °C
  • mineral oil 
  • water emulsions 
  • insert into the groove 
  • Phenol resin-synthetic fibre fabric laminate with PTFE 
  • hydraulic systems 
Pressure resistance as DIN 53454 (N/mm2)
  • 340 N/mm²
All characteristics

Product description

Calculation of shear force; F= p x D x L x n
F= maximum shear force (N)
p = maximum surface pressure (N/mm2)
D x L= projected area (mm2)
n= quantity of rings
Easy working of the fitting groove and assembly.
High load-bearing capacity.
Low coefficient of friction (PTFE).
No water absorption.
Long service life.
Ordering information
We are able to produce guide rings with diameters of 20 to 1200 mm within short lead times.

Product variants

137 Results
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L (mm)
d (mm)
D (mm)
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d (mm)
D (mm)
Standard grooves
D (mm)
L (mm)
d (mm)
D (mm)
Standard grooves
Standard grooves
L (mm)
d (mm)
D (mm)
Standard grooves
Price / items
5.6  mm
20  mm
25  mm
ISO 10766  
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