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Rod seal B-NEI

rod seal 
Operating pressure
400 bar
Sliding speed max.
0.5 m/s
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B094063-NEI B106059-NEI B110070-NEI B110078-1-NEI B110078-NEI B118070-NEI B118078-NEI B118086-NEI B125086-NEI B129098-1-NEI B133086-NEI B137086-NEI B137098-NEI B141110-NEI B149110-1-NEI B149118-NEI B150100-NEI B156112-NEI B157110-NEI B157118-NEI B157118-1-NEI B157125-1-NEI B157125-NEI B169137-NEI B169141-NEI B173141-NEI B177118-1-NEI B177125-NEI B177137-3-NEI B181141-NEI B187125-NEI B188141-NEI B188141-1-NEI B188157-NEI B196137-NEI B196157-3-NEI B196157-1-NEI B196157-NEI B200150-NEI B212150-5-NEI B212175-1-NEI B216157-NEI B216157-1-NEI B216177-NEI B216177-1-NEI B224177-NEI B236157-NEI B236177-NEI B236196-NEI B236196-1-NEI B244196-1-NEI B255177-NEI B255196-NEI B255216-1-NEI B255216-NEI B273236-NEI B275225-NEI B275196-NEI B275216-NEI B275236-NEI B275236-1-NEI B275236-2-NEI B279220-NEI B283236-NEI B295216-NEI B295236-NEI B295248-NEI B295255-NEI B299220-NEI B303255-NEI B307248-NEI B314236-NEI B314255-NEI B314255-2-NEI B314275-1-NEI B314275-NEI B322275-NEI B326248-NEI B330275-NEI B334275-1-NEI B334275-NEI B334295-2-NEI B354295-NEI B366314-NEI B374295-NEI B374314-NEI B374334-NEI B377314-NEI B393314-1-NEI B393314-NEI B393334-1-NEI B393354-NEI B413334-NEI B413354-NEI B413354-1-NEI B418354-NEI B433354-NEI B433374-NEI B441374-NEI B444393-NEI B452374-NEI B452393-1-NEI B452393-NEI B472393-1-NEI B472393-NEI B492413-NEI B492433-NEI B511433-NEI B522472-NEI B531433-NEI B531472-NEI B551472-NEI B570511-1-NEI B590492-NEI B620570-NEI B629531-NEI B629551-NEI B629551-1-NEI B669590-1-NEI B688629-NEI B708629-NEI B787708-NEI B826708-1-NEI B826748-NEI B866787-NEI B944826-NEI B984866-NEI
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  • rod seal 
Operating pressure
  • 400 bar
Sliding speed max.
  • 0.5 m/s
Temp. max.
  • 110 °C
Temp. min.
  • -30 °C
  • mineral oil 
  • water emulsions 
  • in closed grooves A 
  • in open grooves B 
  • (1) Seal: fabric-reinforced NBR 
  • (2) Support ring: acetal resin / PTBR 
  • hydraulic systems 
All characteristics

Product description

Low-friction seal.
Extremely good sealing effect at low pressure.
Simple solution.
Ordering information
Alternative material possible: FPM
For special operating conditions (fluid, temperature, pressure ...) please contact us.

Product variants

127 Results
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