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Rod seal EU

rod U-ring 
Operating pressure
400 bar
Sliding speed max.
0.5 m/s
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  • rod U-ring 
Operating pressure
  • 400 bar
Sliding speed max.
  • 0.5 m/s
Temp. max.
  • 80 °C
  • metric 
Temp. min.
  • -30 °C
  • mineral oil 
  • in closed grooves A 
  • in open grooves B 
  • Polyurethane (PUR) 
  • hydraulic systems 
All characteristics

Product description

Low-friction seal.
High abrasion resistance.
Simple solution.
Ordering information
We are able to produce EU seals with diameters of 20 to 510 mm within short lead times.

Product variants

265 Results
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Standard grooves
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6  mm
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ISO 5597  
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16  mm
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10  mm
18  mm
ISO 5597  
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20  mm
ISO 5597  
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20  mm
ISO 5597  
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